Why The Low Flyer?  For the simple reason that my chosen career is as a helicopter pilot.  I tried to come up with a tagline or reason that would relate to my subject matter but they all sounded hokey or forced.  Low usually has a negative connotation but I prefer to think low is positive, especially when you hitch it to terms like consumption, maintenance, profile, or blood pressure.  At any rate, helicopters fly low and its kinda catchy, so welcome to The Low Flyer!



A personal narrative. (I wrote this for a first-year university English course back in 2013. Because it happened around this time of the year and because the subject came up recently I decided to post it here.) December 10th.  No deadline loomed as large as this one.  Educational. Professional. Financial. I’ve had some important and …


Success. I have achieved my goal, I think.  I am roughly 6250 kilometers east of my bathroom scale this morning, again in the UK, ironically.  So, there is no way to be sure, but I am quite confident I made it.  My last weigh-in on the morning of day 99 was 199.2, down one pound …